Saturday, 21 March 2015

Ms Access Operators

Arithmetic Operators

    Operator         Operation
    *                      Multiplication
    +                      Addition
    -                       Subtraction
    /                       Division
    \                       Integer division
    ^                      Exponentiation
    Mod                 Modulo arithmetic

Comparison Operators

    Operator         Meaning
    <                      Less than
    <=                    Less than or equal to
    >                      Greater than
    >=                    Greater than or equal to
    =                      Equal to
    <>                    Not equal to

Concatenation Operator

    Operator         Operation
    &                     String concatenation

Logical Operators

    Operator         Operation
    And                  Conjunction
    Eqv                  Equivalence
    Imp                  Implication
    Not                  Negation
    Or                    Disjunction (inclusive Or)
    Xor                  Exclusion (exclusive Or)


    Operator         Operation
    Like                 String comparison

Miscellaneous Operators

    Operator         Description
    !                       Used to separate Parts in an identifier; explicitly indicates that the object name that follows it refers to a user-defined object (an element of a collection).
    .(dot)                Used to separate parts in an identifier; precedes the name of the object, method, or property.
    Between ... And     Determines whether the value of an expression lies within a specified range of values.
    In                     Determines whether the value of an expression is equal to any of several values in a specified list.
    Is                     Used with the reserved word Null to determine whether an expression is Null.