Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Ms PowerPoint Exercise 2

1.             Open your Presentation Application and start a new presentation
2.             The first slide is a Title Slide.  Select the appropriate layout and enter the title:  Annual Food Fair.
3.             Add the sub-title:  A Celebration of Eating
4.             Insert a small, red circle at the bottom right of the title slide.
5.             Change the font colour for the whole title and sub-title to blue, and apply a text shadow effect just to the words Food and Fair.
6.             Insert a second slide to the presentation, selecting a layout appropriate for a series of bullet points, and using the title: The Menu.  Enter the following text:
-       Chocolate Desserts
-       Cakes and Puddings
-       Roast Meals
-       Using Pasta Creatively
7.             Change the line spacing for these bullet points to 1.5 lines.
8.             Increase the font size for the words The Menu in the title.
9.             Add a footer with your name and the text:  Food Fair so they both appear on every slide, and number all the slides. (Make sure the number is not obscured by the red circle on the title slide)
10.         Insert a third slide, which is to be an organization chart.  Use the title Meet The
Staff.  Enter:  Maggie Mwaura, Manager at the top of the chart, and show the
   following three as reporting to Maggie Peet: 
Brian Okibo. Bookings; Janine
Publicity; Greggory Bosire, Accounts
11.         Embolden the text in the title of the third slide, and change the font to Arial.
12.         Apply a light coloured background to all the slides in the presentation
13.         On the third slide, insert an image suitable for the topic of food from an image
   library.  Reduce the size of the image and place it where it will not interfere with
14.         Insert a new slide titled Contacts at the end of the presentation with a layout
suitable for a table and add the following details:

Paul Atisa
Advanced Skills Tutor
0720 556896
John Mwangi
Programming Tutor
0714 478963
Suzan Kimetto
Technical Advisor
0722 144589
15.         Number the slides and add your own name as a footer
16.       Save the presentation as Exercise 2.
18.         Print the presentation with three slides per page, and close the presentation.