Tuesday, 24 March 2015

MS Word Processing Examination

Question 1 1. Open a new blank document:

2. Create the following table using 8 columns and 6 rows

TitleName SurnameAddressTownCodeAnimal Pet Name
MrsNellyLewis2 Church StreetPretoria0183Dog Rocket
MrHennieDu Preez 8 South VillageLynnwood 0081Cat Cocktail
Mrs Kate Taylor 13 Breedt Street Sentraal 0002Dog Tammy
MissTrudyVHardingV98 Hibiscus AveVRiviera0084 HamsterPepper
MrEthanAugust101 Second AveAsh Gardens0081bird Gabriel

3. Save the document as Pet source in My Document folder and close it.
4. Open a new blank document
5. Use the current document as a main document for mail merge. Use the table created above as the data source.
6. Create the following letter:

25 March 2015

Title Name Surname
Dear Title Surname,

This is a friendly reminder to bring your <>, <>, for his or her annual check up. Please phone our consulting room to make appointment as soon as possible.

We look ford to seeing you.


Dr. Atisa
7. Save the document as Doctor Letter
8. Merge the main document with the data source
9. Save the merged document as Pet Merge
10. Close all your documents.