Friday, 20 March 2015

Operating Systems Practical Exam CICT Sec 2

Answer all the questions in all sections

SECTION 1:            20 Marks
i)                    Use the management console to view device manager resources by:                     (6 Marks)
·         Interrupt request (IRQ)
·         Memory
·         Input/output (I/O)
Capture the screen short showing the above displays

ii)                  Add the following stand-alone snap-ins                                                                 (4 Marks)
·         Certificates – Current user
·         Active X Control
·         Task Scheduler
·         Disk Defragmenter
 Capture the screen short showing the above displays

iii)                Schedule computer updates to run daily at mid day                                             (2 Marks)
 Capture the screen short showing the above displays

iv)                Using command line create a folder on the desktop called Results, Create two sub folders called OS theory and OS Practical within the main folder (results)     (4 Marks)
Write down the commands on the answer sheet provided
v)                  Monitor the resource performance of the following computer components
·         CPU
·         Hard Disk
·         Network
·         Memory
Capture the screen short showing the resource performance of the above items                                                                                                (4 Marks)

SECTION 2: 20 Marks
i)                    Capture and save the screenshots that display the appropriate window to perform the following tasks
·         Block all incoming connections                                                          (2 Marks)
·         Notify the user when windows firewall block a new program             (2 Marks)
·         Turn on windows firewalls                                                                (2 Marks)
·         Turn on automatic Updates                                                             (2 Marks)
ii)                  Capture the screenshots to display the following
·         The security policy of your computer                                              (2 Marks)
·         Audits any attempt to log on                                                          (2 Marks)
·         The type of BIOS on your computer                                             (2 Marks)
·         Window for indexing encrypted files                                              (2 Marks)
iii)                Demonstrate how you can back up the following files only
·         My Music
·         My Documents
·         My Pictures
Capture the screen short showing the above displays                      (4 Marks)
iv)                Display the IP address of your computer using the command prompt        (2 Marks)