Thursday, 14 May 2015

Excel Theory Quiz Multiple Choice

1.            Comments put in cells are called …..
          A. Cell Tip         B. Soft Tip      C. Web Tip     D. Smart Tip
2.            Which elements of a worksheet can be protected from accidental modification?
          A. Contents       B.        Scenarios         C. Objects       D. All of the above
3.            Getting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called….
         A. Updating      B Accessing    C. Functioning            D. Referencing
4.            Concatenation of text can be done using
A. Ampersand (&)            B. Exclamation (!)       C. Apostrophe (‘)        D. Hash (#)
5.            Comments can be added to cells using …..
A. Edit -> Comments B. File -> Comments C. View –> Comments D. Insert -> Comment
6.            Multiple calculations can be made in a single formula using…..
A. Array Formula
B. Complex Formulas
C. Smart Formula
D. Standard Formulas
7.            Which of the following is not a valid data type in Excel?
A. Date/Time        B. Number                  C. Label          D.  Character
8.            A numeric value can be treated as label value if …… precedes it.
A. Tilde (~)     B. Exclamation (!)       C.  Apostrophe (‘)       D. Hash (#)
9.            Which area in an Excel window allows entering values and formulas?
A.  Title Bar
B. Formula Bar
C. Standard Tool Bar
D. Menu Bar
10.            Which menu option can be used to split windows into two?
A. Format -> Window B.  View -> Window-> Split C. Window -> Split D.  View –> Split
11.            An Excel Workbook is a collection of …….
A.  Charts              B. Worksheets and Charts      C. Worksheets            D. Workbooks
12.            Which function is not available in the Consolidate dialog box?
A. Max      B.  Sum           C. Pmt             D. Average
13.            Which is not the function of “Edit, Clear” command?
A. Delete contents            B.  Delete cells            C. Delete notes           D. Delete formats
14.            To return the remainder after a number is divided by a divisor in EXCEL we use the function?
A.  ROUND ( )     B. FACT ( )                 C.  DIV ( )                  D. MOD ( )
15.            In EXCEL, you can sum a large range of data by simply selecting a tool button called..?
A.  Auto format    B. Auto correct           C. Auto sum   D.  AutoFill
16.            How do you rearrange the data in ascending or descending order?
A.  Data, Form      B.  Data Subtotals       C.  Data, Sort D.  Data, Table
17.            To select an entire column in MS-EXCEL, press?
A. CTRL + S        B. CTRL + Arrow key            C. CTRL + C              D.  None of the above
18.            MS-EXCEL is based on ……….?
A. DOS                 B. OS/2           C.  WINDOWS          D.  UNIX
19.            Microsoft Excel is a powerful………..
A. Communication S/W Package             B.  Word processing package
C.  Spreadsheet package                           D. DBMS package
20.            What do you mean by a Workspace?
A. Group of Rows B. Group of Worksheets C.  Group of Workbooks D. Group of Columns
21.            Which Chart can be created in Excel?
A. Area                 B. Pie              C. Line            D. All of the above
22.            How do you display current date and time in MS Excel?
A. Today ()           B. time ()         C.  date ()        D.  now ()
23.            What will be the output if you format the cell containing 5436.8 as ‘#,##0.00′?
A. 5,430.00           B. 6.8 C. 5,436.8       D. 5,436.80
24.            Excel displays the current cell address in the ……….
A.  Status Bar       B. Name Box              C.  Title Bar    D.  Formula bar
25.            How do you wrap the text in a cell?
A.  format, cells, number              B. Format, cells, protection
C. Format, cells, alignment           D. Format, cells, font
26.            How do you display current date only in MS Excel?
A. time ()               B. now ()         C. Today ()                 D.  date ()
27.            What is the short cut key to highlight the entire column?
A.  Ctrl+Enter       B.  Ctrl+Space Bar      C. Ctrl+C        D. Ctrl+Page Up
28.            In the formula, which symbol specifies the fixed columns or rows?
A. $           B. &                C.  %               D.  *
29.            What is the correct way to refer the cell A10 on sheet3 from sheet1?
A.  Sheet3.A10     B.  sheet3!A10            C.  sheet1!A10            D. A10
30.            What does COUNTA () function do?
A. counts non-empty cells                        B. counts cells having alphabets
C.  counts cells having number                 D.  counts empty cells
31.            Which of the following is not a term of MS-Excel?
A.  Document       B.  Cells          C. Columns     D. Rows
32.            What do you call the chart that shows the proportions of how one or more data elements relate to another data element?
A. XY Chart                     B. Pie Chart                C. Column Chart                    D. Line Chart
33.            Which language is used to create macros in Excel?
A. Visual Basic                 B.  C                            C. Java                        D. Visual C++
34.            Which setting you must modify to print a worksheet using letterhead?
A. Margin              B.  Paper                     C. Layout                    D. Orientation
35.            We can save and protect the workbook by
A. Protection Password                            B. Any of the above
C. Read-only Recommended                   D. Write Reservation Password
36.            Q.6)  The spelling dialog box can be involved by choosing spelling from ________ tab.
A.  home               B.  insert                      C.  view                      D. tools
37.            To record a sequence of keystrokes and mouse actions to play back later we use:
A. Media Player    B. Macro Recorder     C.  Calculator              D. Sound Recorder
38.            Which would you choose to create a bar diagram?
A. Tools, Chart     B. Format, Chart         C. Insert, Chart           D.  Edit, Chart
39.            Which key do you press to check spelling?
A. F7                     B. F5                           C.  F3                          D. F9
40.            How many worksheets can a workbook have?
A. 8                       B. 3                             C.  255            D. none of above
41.            In Excel, a Data Series is defined as what?
A. A type of chart                                     B. A collection of related data
C. A division of results                 D. A cell reference
42.            In help menu of Excel, which of the following tabs are found?
A. Answer Wizard tab      B. Index tab    C. Contents tab           D.  all of the above
43.            What are the tabs that appear at the bottom of each workbook called?
A. Location tabs   B. Sheet tabs   C. Position tabs           D. Reference tabs
44.            In Excel, the Fill Color button on the Formatting toolbar is used for what?
A. To add borders.                                    B. To insert a background.
C. To select a distribution of figures.       D. To add shading or color to a cell range.
45.            The active cell:
A. is defined by a bold border around the cell     B. Only A and B
C.  Receives the data the user enters                    D.  It is the formula bar
46.            Which function is used to calculate depreciation, rates of return, future values and loan payment amounts?
A. Logical             B. Financial     C. Statistical   D. Math & Trigonometry
47.            What is represented by the small, black square in the lower-right corner of an active cell or range?
A. Insert handle    B. Copy handle           C. Fill handle              D. Border
48.            What happens when dollar signs ($) are entered in a cell address? (ex. $B$2:$B$10)
A. Cell address will change when it is copied to another cell.
B. The status bar does not display the cell address.
C. An absolute cell address is created.
D. The sheet tab is changed.
49.            A __________ is a grid with labeled columns and rows.
A. Worksheet                    B. Dialog box              C. Clipboard   D. Toolbar
50.            The first cell in EXCEL worksheet is labeled as
      A.  A1       B.  Aa              C.  AA            D. A0