Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Ms Office Applications Theory Examination 2015

You should be able to do (and answer questions) about the basic Windows functions, such as the following:

  1. How do you start up (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint)?
  2. How do you close a Word document without closing Word?
  3. How do you close the (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint) program?
    1.               Name any three ways to select text: _________________      ________________ ________________
    2.               How would you select the entire document in MS Word? ________________________________
    3.               Describe how to copy the first paragraph of a document and paste it elsewhere. _____________________
    4.               How do you get some text or graphics onto the clipboard? __________________________________
    5.               How do you change the margins for you word document? ______________________________________
    6.               How do you change the left indent for a paragraph? ____________________________________
    7.               How do you change the right indent for a paragraph? ___________________________________
    8.               A hanging indent refers to formatting in which...
               a. Text in the first line is not indented as much as the remaining lines of the paragraph.
               b. All lines of a paragraph are indented more than the paragraph above it.
               c. All lines of a paragraph are aligned under the same tab stop.
               d. The text in the first line is indented more than the remaining lines of a paragraph.
    9.               How do you change the text alignment for a paragraph so that it's (centered, aligned on the left, aligned on the right, justified)? _______________________________________________________
10.               Which formatting feature is ON the Home tab?
a. Paragraph Alignment
b. Line Spacing
c. Increase Indent
d. All of the above
11.               What's the difference between Sans Serif fonts and Serif fonts?_______________________
12.               How do you turn bullets on and/or off for a list of items? ______________________________
13.               What button do you click to show the paragraph, tab markers, and other hidden characters in your document?
14.               To insert a picture into a Word document, you click on which tab? _________________
15.               What two tabs do you typically use when using MS Word in this class? ______________
16.               How do you add or remove office ribbon? _____________________________
17.               How would you replace all occurrences of "Cornerstone" with "CTI"? _______________
18.               How would you change the number of columns in an MS Word document? ___________________________
19.               How would you change the paper orientation to Landscape (rather than Portraits) in MS Word?
20.               How do you spell check a document? ______________________________________________
21.               How do you insert Clip Art? ___________________________
22.               How would you insert left tabs at the 4 and 6 inch marks on a page? ________________________________________________________
    1.               Although we use the term "spreadsheet" as a generic term, a document produced by Excel is actually called a ________________________________________________________________
    2.               Each Excel document consists of several _______________________ with tabs at the bottom of the document window.
    3.               The intersection of a column and a row is called a ____________________
    4.               The cell which is currently being accessed or used is called the _____________ cell.
    5.               You can see the name of the current cell in what part of the Excel Window? ___________________
    6.               Likewise, the contents of the active cell is shown in what box? ___________________________
    7.               How would you change to a currency format for numbers in a cell? ____________________________
    8.               What and where is the "Copy Handle" (or Cell Handle) in a cell? _____________________________
    9.               How do you use the fill handle to copy a formula to other adjacent cells?
10.               Which of the following is a valid Excel cell address: A10, 10A, 1A3 ________
11.               What are three kinds of data that you can put into an Excel cell? ___________________________
12.               How would you write a formula B3 times E1, making E1 an absolute cell reference? __________________________________________
13.               You've typed a title into cell A1. How do you use "Merge and Center" to center that title over columns A through E? __________________________________________
14.               Give an example of an Excel function: _____________________________
15.               What's the difference between a formula and a function? _____________________________
16.               How do you use Autofit? ________________________________
17.               What's the difference between an absolute cell reference and a relative cell reference?
18.               What kind of cell reference is $H$1 ? ________________________
19.               How do you select a range of cells? _____________________________________
20.               Tell one way to move a range of cells from the present location to another location?
21.               Where do you click to delete a row or column? _____________________________________
22.               How do you insert a new row or column? _____________________________________
23.               Do you have to select data before you make a chart? ________________________________
24.               How do you create a chart in Excel 2007? _____________________________________
25.               How would you print out some Excel data with its chart? ________________________________
26.               How would you print in landscape mode? __________________________________________
27.               How do you change the font face and/or size in a cell? ____________________________________
28.               Give two ways to change the width of a column. ________________________________________
29.               Write the formula for the average of cells A2:A20, without listing every cell:
30.               Write the formula, using the PMT function, for the monthly payment, where the Principle(amt of loan) is in cell B4, the yearly interest rate is in B5, and the term(in years) is in B6. Remember, you have to divide the interest rate by 12, and multiply the term by 12. =___________________________________________________

    1.               A database can consist of: (a) one or more tables (b) only one table (c) is the same as a table (d) none of those? ______________________________
    2.               Give an example of a database that you could create with Access. _______________________________
    3.               Which of the following could definitely not be an example of a database? (a) a dictionary, (b) a bookstore inventory (c) student information at UALR (d) an interoffice memo? __________________________
    4.               List four of the "Objects" that are available on the database window. __________________________
    5.               What's the difference between a "Database" and a "Table"? _________________________________
    6.               How can you tell the name of a Database?
    7.               How can you tell the name of a Table? __________________________________________
    8.               How would you list Database, Table, Record, and Field in terms of a hierarchy? __________________________________________
    9.               Looking at a database as a hierarchy, a table can be described as a set of related (a) fields (b) objects (c) records (d) queries? __________________________
10.               A record can be described as a set of related (a) fields (b) objects (c) queries (d) forms? __________________________
11.               How do you switch between database objects when you have a database window open? __________________________
12.               Looking at the Database window, what icon or Tab can you make to change the design of a table? __________________________
13.               Looking at the Table datasheet, what icon or Tab can you make to change the design of a table?
14.               What is the purpose of a database Form? __________________________
15.               What is the purpose of a database Report? __________________________
16.               How do you enter new data into a table? __________________________
17.               How do you edit the data in the table on the datasheet? __________________________
18.               How do you find a record with a particular value (in a table)? __________________________
19.               In a hypothetical "Address" table, how would you use a "Filter" to select all records with city=Nairobi? __________________________
20.               What's the difference between using the "Find" command and using a "Filter"? __________________________
21.               What's a difference between a "Filter" and a "Query"? __________________________
22.               When you're using the Form Wizard, what do the two arrows pointing to the right (>>) do? __________________________
23.               In Forms and Reports, what is a "Control"? __________________________
24.               In Forms and Reports, how do you change the size of a Control? __________________________
25.               When you create an Access database table, once you define a field you can't change its name (True or False)? __________________________
26.               When you created your report and form, what sequence of choices did you make to do it (meaning where do you click on the windows)? __________________________
27.               Which of the following can be saved for future use (a) Find (b) Filter (c) Query (d) all of the above)
28.               With which of the following can you select certain fields out of the record to display, rather than the whole record? (a) Find (b) Filter (c) Query (d) all of the above

    1.               What's the purpose of PowerPoint? __________________________
    2.               Which of the following does PowerPoint create (a) 35mm slides (b) on-screen presentations (c) transparencies or (d) all of those?
    3.               Name three of the different Views available to you in PowerPoint. __________________________
    4.               Which PowerPoint Views allow you to view slides one slide at a time? __________________________
    5.               Which PowerPoint view displays several slides on the screen? __________________________
    6.               How do you actually start the slide show (what choices)? __________________________
    7.               PowerPoint allows you to (a) use already created presentations, (b) use colorful slide design templates for a presentation you create, (c) both of those?
    8.               How do you open an existing presentation in PowerPoint? __________________________
    9.               How do you enter or change text on a slide of a PowerPoint presentation? __________________________
10.               How do you save a presentation to a flash disk? __________________________
11.               How do you save a presentation for use at another site that doesn't have PowerPoint? __________________________
12.               How do you get HELP in PowerPoint? __________________________
13.               When you're actually making a presentation, how do you advance to the next slide? __________________________
14.               When you're actually making a presentation, how do you go back to the previous slide? __________________________
15.               How do you print only one slide per page in PowerPoint? __________________________
16.               How do you print several slides per page in PowerPoint? __________________________