To provide general supplies and logistics services to various consumers of computers and related products. PAULATECH INVESTMENTS is strategically positioned to maintain its market share and meet its corporate goals of continued growth and innovation.

We aim to give the best service to our customers in:
  • Computer Hardware sales, installation, repair and maintenance
  • Software development and support
  • Training
  • Computer consultancy
  • Networking
PC Support: Hardware, Software sales and services
We specialize in providing hardware and software solutions, which have a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and which are customized to fit as well as possible with a client’s budget and operating requirements.
 Computer Set-up

Having your computer set up correctly can save you a lot of time and aggravation. We can:
  • Set up and connect all the computer components with the correct cables
  • Install, configure and update operating systems
  • Install and set up word-processors, spreadsheets and other office software
  • Connect your system to the office network and set up your users
  • Set up your computer for email and Internet access
  • Connect peripherals to your computer/network.
Maintenance and Repair

Having your system running at peak performance is a time saver. We can:
  • Replace power supplies
  • Installing hard drives
  • Protect your PC from viruses
  • Setup data backup program
  • Troubleshooting printers
  • Installing communications devices
  • Upgrade memory
  • Installing video and sound cards
  • Network set-up and troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting Internet connectivity
  • Solving laptop problems
Virus removal & Data Recovery

Viruses, Worms and Trojans come in many forms and can damage your files, your applications and/or your operating system. We use the latest technology available to detect, combat and eliminate these programs quickly and effectively. In most cases this can be accomplished without the loss of any data or applications. Our data recovery techniques can also preserve and recover your existing data prior to any virus, worm or Trojan horse that may have damaged your data.

We can also correct operating system files that may have become corrupted as a result of a virus, worm or Trojan horse. We have the expertise to return your computer back to original state and with improved performance and security.

We specialise in LAN network solutions and are affiliated with network cabling specialists. We have researched and installed solutions which encompass Remote Monitoring, Proxy Servers, Backup Solutions and Remote Dialup Solutions.
Benefits of Networking
The main benefit of networking your businesses computers and information is that business processes are speeded up and inefficiencies are squeezed out. This is because information flows more freely. Communication between employees, customers and suppliers can be improved. Everything happens much faster. All kinds of documents - from emails to spreadsheets and product specifications can be exchanged rapidly between networked users.
Networks allow you to share files, printers, programs and peripherals including your cable or DSL Internet Connection.

 Wireless Networks
Since there are no cables, wireless networks are easy to install and offer something other network solutions do not offer - portability. Like a cordless phone, Laptops on a wireless network are free to roam.
Wireless networks operate on Radio Frequencies or RF, and each NIC or Network Interface Card has a Radio Transceiver attached to it. Because wireless networks operate on Radio Frequencies, they are subject to the same interference as a radio, i.e. heavy walls, large metal objects near a transceiver can all interfere with radio signals.
Backups Over the Network 
Once your site is networked, backing up your computers should not be considered an optional activity. If you lose computer data, you may also lose your business. Since a network file backup service is fully automated, backups can run late at night, as well as weekends and holidays.